New Jersey Gov. Says State Will Not Fly Mississippi Flag, Here Are The Places In The Magnolia State That Also Forgo The Flag

A yearly New Jersey tradition will be one flag short this year as Mississippi's state flag has been banned from Liberty State Park.?

Every spring, Liberty State, which overlooks the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, has raised?flags from each of the?50 states and kept them up until the fall. However, this year, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy ordered that Mississippi's flag be left out.

The reasoning, Murphy said, is due to the Confederate battle emblem?located in the upper left corner of the state's flag. Mississippi is the only state to still carry the symbol on its flag.?

"Today I ordered the Mississippi state flag be replaced by the American flag at Liberty State Park. The Confederate symbol does not reflect New Jersey’s values of inclusivity and equality," Murphy said in a statement posted to his Twitter account.

The governor also credited New Jersey state Senator Sandra Cunningham for "bringing the issue forward."

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