'Game of Thrones' Predictions: Who Will Die in the Battle of Winterfell? Oddsmakers Weigh In

The Battle of Winterfell is just days away, and Game of Thrones fans are ready with theories, hopes and guesses for what will happen in?the HBO epic's biggest battle yet. But one thing seems to have been generally accepted amongst fans: there will be death, and lots of it. A series of sites, known as the betting intelligence network, has released a list of predictions for who will die during the battle, and who will be the first to join the Army of the Dead.

The predictions were made by a series of betting websites:,, and Rumored to be?40 minutes long, the Battle of Winterfell?has been hyped as one of the bloodiest, most unpredictable clashes in the show’s history.

According to the oddsmaker's?predictions, Theon Greyjoy has the largest chance of dying first in Sunday’s episode. He was given odds of 5/4. This prediction raises questions about the safety of Bran Stark. As viewers may remember, Theon agreed to protect Bran while?he used himself as bait to lure the Night King. Bran has the mark of the Night King on his arm, and explained in last week's episode that?he could be the only way to draw the Night King out in the open. If the Night King falls, so does his army.

Theon is followed by a list of other likely deaths, including Jamie Lannister at 3/1, Euron Greyjoy?at 5/1, Cersei Lannister with?15/2 and Yaya Greyjoy with 10/1.

A list of those not expected to die, and instead predicted to be possible rulers of Westeros?includes Bran Stark at 2/1 and Sansa Stark at 3/1. Others on the list include Gendry, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, The Night King, Daenerys Targeryan and Samwell Tarly. Cersei Lannister comes in dead last on the list of possible rulers.

The predictions also explain if anyone is to die in the Battle of Winterfell, it’s likely to be second-tier characters. Brieanne of Tarth, Tormund, Jorah?Mormont and Grey Worm are listed as possibilities by the bookie write-up, though they are not considered in the official betting odds.

The Battle of Winterfell will premiere Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. The episode is expected to be 80 minutes long.

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